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Bioplastics have no impact on the food supply and availability situation today.

Technical solutions to use mainly non-food crops are under investigation or already in use. All parties involved should focus their activities to enable the growth of bioplastics and to support sustainable development which takes into account that no raw material has unlimited availability and therefore the most efficient use of resources must be achieved. Bioplastics should be regarded as a solution to promote sustainable development and not as a threat to it.

Noteworthy: According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) and other governmental sources, 4.2 billion hectares are available for agricultural production worldwide, but only 1.5 billion hectares are actually used, of which 900 million hectares are in LDCs (less developed countries). As such, there is still scope for increasing the production of agricultural crops for both food and bioplastics.


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