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Shine Base International Limited joined the plastics industry in Hong Kong since 1984 and we are supplying conventional fossil base plastics to OEM manufacturers for overseas market.

Aiming at the requirements of housing of power supply and high material cost of PC and M-PPO, we developed a Super FR-ABS, VE-0860T which equipped superior R.T.I. and mechanical strength with the R&D engineers from CHEIL IND. INC. in early 2000. It has been providing mutual benefits to all parties since it is specified to use by the end users in Europe.  This reiterates to us that only innovative and effective material can be beneficial to customer.

Three years ago, we started to study Natural Fiber Reinforced PP Compounds with GGBV from Netherlands and Wageningen University for injection moulding after we received an inquiry about Eco Friendly Plastics from a giant toys manufacturer in Hong Kong. An R&D Centre with production facilities were established in Hong Kong early this year. Main purpose is to provide Biobased/Green/Environment Protection and Ecology Friendly Plastics with service to the users in E&E market.

Besides suitability with intention of usage, most users are concerned with the practicability, effect and reliance of a service or product. With the patented production technology and quality control standard from Europe, geographical advantage and market trend, we believe GreenGran can definitely bring instant benefit to end user, consumer and manufacturer. In addition, this innovative plastic can also add value to local manufacturers and enhance their conscience in environment protection and even regain consciousness of the industries in Hong Kong.

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Feel free to get in touch with us!

Rm. 702, 7/Fl.,
Nan On Comm. Building,
69A Wuhu Street,
Hung Hom, Kowloon,
Tel: +852-24932283
Email: shinebase@ecoplastic.com.hk 

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