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1.      People request green products to maintain better living environment.

What is our Problem?

  • 115 million tones of plastics are consumed annually into an enormous variety of products.
  • White pollution becomes a serious environmental stress as most of these plastics take thousands of years to disintegrate.
  • Plastics are derivatives of limited petroleum resources – which will be depleted in the near future if we keep at our current  
         burn rate!


2.      Governments/ Politicians demand green policy to cope with societal issues

3.      Industries look for green plastics to add value to their products


Reduction of consumption and usage of degradable plastics are two eco-friendly solutions to our environmental problems.


While the cost of degradable plastics is sky high and its compounding technology is not yet mature, selecting Natural Fiber Reinforced compounds seems to be the best eco-friendly solution. Natural Fiber Reinforced compounds utilize a bigger ratio of renewable resources.


Natural Fiber Mat Thermalplastics:

Compression, Thick Walls

Wood Plastic Composite:

Extrusion, Profiles, Thick Walls

Argo Fiber Composite:

Injection Modling, Thin/ Thick Walls

wooden afc



  • Ecology-friendly: usage of sustainable resources to reduce consumption of petroleum based plastics
  • Saving materials (compression molding, extrusion, injection)
  • Tailored properties: choice of wood, bast fibre, bamboo, banana (abaca), etc.
  • Recyclable
  • Low material and processing costs

Contact Us

Feel free to get in touch with us!

Rm. 702, 7/Fl.,
Nan On Comm. Building,
69A Wuhu Street,
Hung Hom, Kowloon,
Tel: +852-24932283

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