Advantages of GG NFRPP PDF Print E-mail
  • High tensile strength > 50 MPa
  • High stiffness, flexural modulus > 4,000 MPa
  • Light weight s.g. = 1.1 g/cm^3
  • Low shrinkage 0.55%
  • Low warpage
  • High H.D.T
  • Good heat insulation
  • For injection modling
  • Process in common machineries
  • Natural texture
  • Eco-friendly: recyclable, no hazardous components
  • Can be used as fuel at the end of life cycle (energy pellets)

Mechanical Upgrading (Stiffness x5, Strength x 2.5)


Comparison with Other Materials



Easy Processing

1.      Can be processed in ordinary machineries

2.      2nd process similar as PP (confirmed in Japan)

  • Gluing
  • Ultra-sonic welding
  • Painting

3.      Coloration

  • PP/PE color master-batch
  • Natural color tone

4.      Flexibility

  • Dry mix with PP for “dilution” to tailor properties

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