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Biowerkstoff-Kongress Innovation Award - Bio-based Material of Year 2010


Hundred experts on bio-based materials voted for the winners of the competition "Bio-based Material of the Year" at the 3rd International Congress on Bio-based Plastics and Composites at the HANNOVER MESSE. GreenGran obtained second place. "It is a natural fibre reinforced plastic for injection moulded applications.  Different bast fibres such as jute, flax or hemp are applied and as matrix, polypropylene or bio-based plastics such as PLA are used. An example of its application is its use in the French market in the universal charging device "BioCharger", which is made of jute reinforced Polypropylene. The speciality of GreenGran's material is its technical properties, which reach the values of glass fibre reinforced plastics in terms of strength and stiffness, while showing a lower density." Please click here for more information regarding International Congress on Bio-based Plastics andComposites 2010 (


CAPITAL Outstanding Green Excellence Awards 2009


The CAPITAL Outstanding Green Excellence Awards 2009 was organised on 16 October 2009 to recognize the achievements of Hong Kong corporate on green management and served as benchmarks for other corporate in their continuous pursuit for the best environmental achievement in the coming years. Please click here for official press release by The Capital. 


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