Eco-Friendly Plastics: General Concepts
Definition: What Are Bioplastics? PDF Print E-mail

Two different concepts underlie the term ‘Bioplastics’:

a) Compostable plastics certified according to EN13432 and based on renewable (biobased) and/or non-renewable (fossil) resources
The focus here is on their functionality "compostability".

b) Biobased plastics produced on the basis of renewable resources.
The focus here is “ their raw materials basis”.

Market Development PDF Print E-mail

How large is the bioplastics market – Current and Future ?

What factors are influencing market development ?

Areas of Application PDF Print E-mail
What are bioplastics current areas of application ?

Bioplastics are generally used where functionality (fit for purpose) and environmental performance offer benefits. A purchasing cost surcharge can pay itself off when disposal or labour costs are lower. Market studies have revealed a generally very high consumer acceptance of bioplastics in many countries.

Costs PDF Print E-mail

How are the cost structure and competitiveness of bioplastics ?

The situation for bioplastics is typical for innovations:

  1. High research and development costs
  2. High production costs caused by small scale production
  3. Optimisation potential of production facilities not exploited to the full
  4. Considerable price differential to conventional commodity products



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