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Overconsumption of natural resources has severe negative impact on ecology & it contributes to global warming. Our negligence & indifference to global warming will one day cost us dearly- we will no longer be able to enjoy the beautiful nature & even clean water. Scientific researches & the frequent occurrence of natural disasters in the last few decades demonstrate clearly the cost of man-made damage to our natural environment & resources. It may be unrealistic to expect everyone to work together towards an eco-friendly society, but it's still desirable.

Many manufacturers take advantage of the special qualities of plastics, such as durability & flexibility, to overproduce consumer goods &this has further negative impact on the ecology. If we wish to eliminate this root cause, members in same profession have to find a win/win solution. We thereby call for the co-operation of all suppliers & manufacturers in plastics related field to work out a strategy so that we can contribute to a greener society by this site.


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